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Ivy Languages was born with the goal of giving back to society, in the form of language teaching and specialization at an affordable price, with quality and internationally validated certification. As we grew, our horizons broadened and we added our experienced consulting service seeking to safeguard SMEs affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

We were born in a complicated time that is why our eagerness to help made us establish affordable prices to all pockets with the quality that our learning at Ivy League universities has given us. Our goal is to show our experience and learned methodology to anyone who is from the beginning of their academic path abroad as well as experienced professionals who need to improve their level to face this ultra-competitive academic and labor market.

By providing high-quality education and consulting in this new normal, we aim to break what is established regarding teaching, focused on the student not only learning to speak a language, but also being able to reason, think and argue in it, and to safeguard your company and see a future in the face of so much uncertainty.

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Meet our Founders

Our primary aim as Ivy is to help as many people and companies as we can by giving them an opportunity to get ahead and grow in these difficult times.

Luis Velasquez
Luis Fernando-Velasquez-n1000

Luis Fernando Velasquez

Co-Founder and CEO

Luis has a wide array of Public and Private experience working with Governments, Embassies, and Fortune500 across the globe, as well as a representative for the Americas in several top-tier negotiation summits, earning several International, Presidential, state, District Awards. A Columbia University graduate he cofounded more than twenty-five Aid-relief and educational empowerment projects across the Americas since the pandemic started.

Brenda Castillo Schrader

Co-Founder and CMO

Brenda has over 5 years of experience juggling between working with Fortune500 insurance companies across the Globe and being a full-time gymnastic athlete for Peru. Nonetheless, her passion for languages led her to cofound Ivy Languages to empower communities through languages.


The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all. In a world that changes really fast, the only strategy in which failure is guaranteed is not taking risks.

Brenda Castillo Schrader

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We are always on the look for passionate professional to be added to our team. Please send your resume (1 Page Max) in the following form and if your profile aligns with our needs we will contact you.