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Business Advisory Service

We offer a deep and relevant analysis of the country's economy, the business environment and the main opportunities and risks that may arise. All focused on the growth or safeguarding of your business.

We develop studies that allow the design of policy measures that improve the business climate in specific sectors and thus promote the country’s competitiveness. To this end, the factors that affect the competitiveness of the economic sectors under study are identified, such as the institutional framework, the market environment, restrictions on market efficiency and the degree of innovation.

Analysis and Evaluations of Interventions

Interventions are analyzed and designed and organizational recommendations are provided to promote economic and social development, and eliminating possible distortions in the current market.

This service usually includes the understanding of the operation of the company’s sector, the identification of bottlenecks that prevent its development or the achievement of policy objectives, the review of international practices, the application of economic theory, and the measurement of the effects and costs of available policy alternatives.

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

Here in Ivy we provide advanced analytics for our clients' decision making:

  • Market segmentation: with external and internal data, using clustering algorithms, characteristic variables and business behaviors, we were able to identify high-value segments for the design of a competitive value proposition.
  • Optimal business location: we use the geolocation of demand and supply to determine the optimal location of the business or the areas with the greatest potential for the commercial deployment of businesses, which generate the highest expected income for the company.
  • Market monitoring and forecasting: we develop market indicator prediction algorithms that help the commercial and strategic management of companies.

Strategic Planning

In an increasingly competitive environment, business planning is increasingly important. In this context, an analysis of the sector is carried out, internal analysis of the company and strategic objectives and strategies are defined, which allows the company to grow profitably and sustainably over time. This process includes the following:

  • Analysis of the dynamics of the sector and of the competition.
  • Definition of the mission, vision and values.
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, threats).
  • Evaluation of growth opportunities.
  • Definition of the growth plan.
  • Definition of the value proposition.
  • Evaluation of capabilities and competitive advantages.
  • Definition of strategic objectives, strategies and goals.
  • Design of the action plan and the Balanced Scorecard.

As a result, a strategic plan is obtained that allows orderly and sustainable growth.

Growth Opportunity Assessment

We are oriented to identify and quantify the business opportunities present in different sectors and markets.Our Ivy consultants have a robust experience in comprehensive methodology for making decisions of this nature, where we develop:

  • Analysis of the offer, competition and value chain.
  • Analysis of demand and the customer’s consumption pattern.
  • Present and future estimation of the size, growth and profitability of the business.
  • Analysis and recommendation of the required value proposition.
  • Analysis of competitive dynamics and definition of strategic capabilities.
  • Definition of go-no-go and income strategy.
  • Analysis of potential risks and scenarios.

Financial & Wealth Assessment

We offer strategic financial advice. These include the valuation of companies, opinions of reasonableness of value (fairness opinions) and the preparation of feasibility studies for the constitution of financial and insurance companies in The US and Worldwide.

We also offer financial advisory services for the structuring of financing processes in the capital market or through the structuring of bank loans. Additionally, we help our clients throughout the financial structuring process of state concession projects and public and private initiatives.

A lifeboat for Small and Medium entreprises (SMEs) in the middle of these times of crisis.

Understanding the current situation the world is experiencing we created:

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A&L Investments, Lima Peru 2020

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